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A Novel AI technology allowed researchers to capture the FUTURE 4D brain degeneration for the first time. This combo algorithms portray not only the patterns of regional brain cortical thinning in 4D but also the phenotypical behavior in standard clinical dementia rating (CDR) scores, potentially facilitating early detection of dementia in sub-healthy group, delaying the aging process, and contributing to the development of early intervention and preventive medicine.
Brain Age Assessment
We utilized MRI data from healthy subjects sourced from large international databases to establish the healthy aging trajectory for cortical atrophy. This model can automatically generate brain age prediction reports.
Dementia Risk Prediction
The personalized 4D brain degeneration map prediction module for healthy aging and dementia combines the multiple data types including omics (i.e., genomics) and imaging biomarkers, using innovative multi-model deep learning technology to establish a precise and reliable disease risk assessment model. This model can predict future clinical dementia rating (CDR) scores and determine the future risk of dementia as well as the potential dementia subtypes. This automated system can provide guidelines for early treatment strategies, to reducing the cost of social and medical care for dementia.
Brain Atrophy Pattern Analysis
This module can convert original MRI scans into volume-based morphometry maps, facilitating the straightforward quantification of cortical atrophy and ventricle enlargement. It utilizes data from the normal population to establish normative data distribution for brain cortical atrophy across different ages.
Report Generation
The overall assessment and recommendations report will be generated automatically.
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Compatible with all MRI Modality.
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