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Redefine Preventive Medicine With AI-Powered Imaging Support
Leveraging the power of AI to revolutionize radiology with a focus on early detection.
Prevention is our Passion.
By merging cutting-edge technology with the knowledge and proficiency of top-tier radiologists, we offer tangible outcomes that are supported by clinical evidence. We embrace the potential of advanced AI capabilities in medical imaging, and envision a future where early detection of diverse medical conditions through screening becomes a reality.
AI-powered Lung Cancer Screening Platform
DeepLung is an all-in-one AI diagnostic support system that can screen the lungs, heart, and spine in a single exam. With AI assistance, DeepLung can rapidly preview low-dose CT images and identify lung nodules, coronary artery calcifications, and bone density abnormalities—medical conditions that are often found among the middle-aged and older population.
AI-powered Cognitive Screening Platform
Novel AI technology portray patterns of regional brain cortical thinning in 4D and the phenotypical behavior in standard clinical dementia rating(CDR) scores, facilitating early detection of dementia, delaying the aging process, and advancing preventive medicine.
Solutions to benefit all stakeholders
Transform the healthcare ecosystem with our AI imaging solutions.
Lead to increased productivity
  • Automated workflow operations
  • AI serving as a medical assistant can reduce the errors
  • Save time in reporting
Hospitals & Health Centers
Accelerating screening workflow
  • Alleviate the strain on medical resources and promptly address high-risk patients
  • Perform opportunistic screening and increase revenue
  • Enhance screening efficiency and accuracy
Empower with proactive healthcare choices
  • Faster and more accurate screening
  • Reduce unnecessary examination and waiting times
  • Preventive care to reduce treatment costs
Insurance providers
Marketing strategy for AI healthcare experience
  • Provide more appealing insurance products
  • Improve underwriting efficiency
  • Increase competitiveness and expand the customer base
Coming soon
With a vision of early detection, we are at the forefront of developing AI screening products that improve radiology workflow.
AI Prediction of Breast Cancer
Quickly generate breast imaging screening reports and reduce unnecessary breast examinations for patients.
AI-Assisted Decision-Making System for Persistent Postconcussion Syndrome
Predicts symptom duration and types, offering personalized occupational therapy recommendations.
Received National Innovation Award for three consecutive years
Received FUTEX Future Tech Awards for three consecutive years
2023 The 20th National Innovation Award
2023 NBRP Pitch Day Award
2023 FUTEX Future Technology Awards
2023 Google Cloud Award – BE Accelerator
2023 Netizen's Choice Award
2022 FUTEX Future Technology Awards
2022 The 19th National Innovation Award
2021 The 18th National Innovation Award
2021 FUTEX Future Technology Awards
2021 The 18th National Innovation Award
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